noise music / film art crossover

From: joel stern (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Mar 03 2006 - 22:09:23 PST

hi there, it's obvious that there are huge areas of overlap between the various forms of noise music and experimental filmmaking, not just in terms of the aesthetic and conceptual aspects, but also how the works circulate through networks of friends, online and diy avenues. i'm really enjoying the establishment of festivals like kill yr timid notion (dundee), transacoustic (auckland), evolution (leeds) and, ahem, our own otherfilm (sunny brisbane!) which exploit the links between marginal film and music making, and present them together as parallel iniatives, without having to merge them necesarily into smooth audio-visual packages. if anyones interested, there is a little discussion of the noise music / film art crossover in this preview piece for the upcoming otherfilm festival..

joel stern

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  xander wrote:

>(come on feel the) noise noise noise i've spent many years at basement noise shows
>and more often show my movies in this context then in the realm of experemental film
>- i wonder about the cross-over of these sub-cultures...who else is out there?
>lets trade tapes!!! - xander

  More please!
  Basement noise shows? I'm trying to visualize this. When I was a kid, I would go to our basement whenever my dad started watching the football game. I'd leave the door open so that I could hear the sounds of the game and then I would draw for hours. It was one of my favorite Sunday rituals.

  So I'll raise my hand that I am out there! Most of the soundtracks to my films are "arranged noise" (though technically, I guess that's what music is). They consist of atmospheric noise (from Earth and beyond), crackling ice, or digital manipulation of voices, tones, etc. My favorite was my neighbor's daughter and her friends slowed down 1000 times- didn't even sound human (miraculous bonus- it didn't sound "manipulated" either). Slime molds make beautiful "noise," as does the sun. I'd love to trade tapes!

  Sound and Film have an interesting relationship to me. I find it fascinating that people will sit in one place and listen to music or "sounds," but get fidgety watching an "abstract" film. What can be more "abstract" than a song? Sometimes, I think our senses become overly polarized and competitive. Let my eyes drink in the music for a change!

  "All art aspires to the condition of music."
  Walter Pater

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