Re: noise music / film art crossover

From: Madison Brookshire (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Mar 06 2006 - 13:51:57 PST

So should there be crossover of venues as well? Is it possible for us to
show films at noise joints? Noise concerts at Anthology, etc.?

I'd love to show work in that kind context.

Val Verde, CA

> >hi there, it's obvious that there are huge areas of overlap between the
> >various forms of noise music and experimental filmmaking, not just in
> terms
> >of the aesthetic and conceptual aspects, but also how the works circulate
> >through networks of friends, online and diy avenues. i'm really enjoying
> >the establishment of festivals like kill yr timid notion (dundee),
> >transacoustic (auckland), evolution (leeds) and, ahem, our own otherfilm
> >(sunny brisbane!) which exploit the links between marginal film and music
> >making, and present them together as parallel iniatives, without having
> to
> >merge them necesarily into smooth audio-visual packages. if anyones
> >interested, there is a little discussion of the noise music / film art
> >crossover in this preview piece for the upcoming otherfilm festival..
> >
> >
> >cheers,
> >joel stern
> >

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