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Date: Sat Mar 04 2006 - 02:43:59 PST

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>Subject: noise music / film art crossover
>Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2006 17:09:23 +1100
>hi there, it's obvious that there are huge areas of overlap between the
>various forms of noise music and experimental filmmaking, not just in terms
>of the aesthetic and conceptual aspects, but also how the works circulate
>through networks of friends, online and diy avenues. i'm really enjoying
>the establishment of festivals like kill yr timid notion (dundee),
>transacoustic (auckland), evolution (leeds) and, ahem, our own otherfilm
>(sunny brisbane!) which exploit the links between marginal film and music
>making, and present them together as parallel iniatives, without having to
>merge them necesarily into smooth audio-visual packages. if anyones
>interested, there is a little discussion of the noise music / film art
>crossover in this preview piece for the upcoming otherfilm festival..
>joel stern
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> Subject: bring in da noise!
> xander wrote:
> >(come on feel the) noise noise noise i've spent many years at basement
>noise shows
> >and more often show my movies in this context then in the realm of
>experemental film
> >- i wonder about the cross-over of these sub-cultures...who else is out
> >lets trade tapes!!! - xander
> More please!
> Basement noise shows? I'm trying to visualize this. When I was a kid,
>I would go to our basement whenever my dad started watching the football
>game. I'd leave the door open so that I could hear the sounds of the game
>and then I would draw for hours. It was one of my favorite Sunday rituals.
> So I'll raise my hand that I am out there! Most of the soundtracks to
>my films are "arranged noise" (though technically, I guess that's what
>music is). They consist of atmospheric noise (from Earth and beyond),
>crackling ice, or digital manipulation of voices, tones, etc. My favorite
>was my neighbor's daughter and her friends slowed down 1000 times- didn't
>even sound human (miraculous bonus- it didn't sound "manipulated" either).
>Slime molds make beautiful "noise," as does the sun. I'd love to trade
> Sound and Film have an interesting relationship to me. I find it
>fascinating that people will sit in one place and listen to music or
>"sounds," but get fidgety watching an "abstract" film. What can be more
>"abstract" than a song? Sometimes, I think our senses become overly
>polarized and competitive. Let my eyes drink in the music for a change!
> "All art aspires to the condition of music."
> Walter Pater
> Sounding off,
> Cap'n
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