Re: Scott Bartlett Restoration

From: Mark Toscano (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Mar 03 2006 - 22:59:58 PST

To my knowledge, Pacific Film Archive maintains
Scott's films, and I believe they've restored at least
a few. In fact, Off/On is even on a DVD compilation
put out by the NFPF, 'Treasures from the American Film
Archives'. I'm told it was, not surprisingly, one of
the more troublesome films to get a good transfer

A big problem with restoration of avant-garde work is
distribution and access. It's great if all this work
is being restored/preserved, but if the new prints
aren't then available for viewing, a lot of the point
is, well, maybe not lost, but at least dulled.
Archives aren't in a position to pay for distribution
prints usually, and often distributors can't afford
them or aren't obliged to pay for them, and neither
can the filmmakers or their estates, usually. Urgh.
So Scott's films continue to be available mostly only
in red prints through distributors, and PFA is only
able to loan good prints to institutions they can
trust not to destroy them, all of which limits access
to the restored stuff terribly. Urg.

Anyway, just some thoughts on the subject.

Mark T

--- owen <email suppressed> wrote:

> Is anyone here aware of any restoration underway of
> Scott Bartlett's
> work ?
> It's going red everywhere. 'cept for a couple
> Kodahchrome prints in
> circulation.
> If not, how can I help? Anyone know who's in charge
> of his estate?
> Archive, whatever?
> thanks
> owen
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