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From: jarrod whaley. (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Mar 04 2006 - 00:51:55 PST

"Artists who work in their chosen medium are elitist? Their gestures are
futile? What a bizarre rant."


Ignoring the fact that film will soon disappear forever is futile.
Refusing (based on absolutist arguments of artistic Romanticism) to make
work available to people who might like to see it is either elitist or
outright stupid--take your pick. Calling the public a bunch of morons
who have no right to see art is certainly an elitist attitude, by
anyone's definition. If the public at large is traditionally
unappreciative of truly artistic work, maybe the prevalence of attitudes
like those I'm arguing against is at least one of the factors
contributing to such a situation. I certainly will not say that all
non-artists are inherently cretinous.

I never said anything about working with film being a futile gesture.
What's becoming increasingly clear is that my call for a more culturally
relevant avant-garde cinema is futile, at least in this particular forum.

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