the word is out: experimental film is available for use on dvd by educators

From: Nathan Andersen (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Mar 01 2006 - 06:59:43 PST

Just thought I'd call attention to an article by David Sterritt that a
colleague just forwarded to me from The Chronicle of Higher Education.
It struck me that someone (not me) might want to write a letter calling
attention to the fact (often discussed on this list) that many of the
films represented on the dvds they mention are available for rent as
FILMS, etc... In any case, I thought people here might be interested.
I'm pasting below the link from the email sent to me -- if that doesn't
work it's probably findable via search on the Chronicle's webpage.

The article, "DVD Access to the Avant-Garde" is available online at
this address:

This article will be available to non-subscribers of The Chronicle for
up to five days after it is e-mailed.

The article is always available to Chronicle subscribers at this


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