Re: the word is out: experimental film is available for use on dvd by educators

From: jarrod whaley. (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Mar 03 2006 - 08:58:54 PST


I couldn't agree with you more on most of your points, actually. But
(and I've said this again and again, for which I apologize, but everyone
seems to be serially missing the point) video is here to stay, whether
anyone likes it or not.

I'm not arguing that video is better (it's not worse either, it's just
different). I'm arguing that it's a fact of life. Ignoring it or making
pretty speeches about how film should be preserved won't make video go
away. All that such speeches will accomplish is to make the speaker look
like a hard-headed cultural Mennonite.

Filmmakers (and curators, critics, etc.) can either use video technology
to make the avant-garde cinema a relevant cultural force again, or else
they can sit in their rocking chairs and wheedle on forever about the
good old days while avant-garde film becomes a historical curiosity.

-->jarrod whaley.
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