Re: the word is out: experimental film is available for use on dvd by educators

From: Philip Hood (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Mar 03 2006 - 07:37:03 PST

On Fri, 3 Mar 2006, Zev Robinson wrote:

> ... I have
> been able to see films that I would otherwise not have seen, and to be able
> to look at faves like tarkovsky and kurosawa over and over again, how they
> edit, how they compose, etc. Not something realistically feasible for most
> people with film prints.
> Zev

         hey zev, I was talking a bit ago to a one time
         friend of mine (who was clever in this respect)
         and he said that before so many video editing tools
         and etc, many film makers had to compose scenes
         and edit and do this and that all in their
         head, meaning they had to use more of their
         imagination and memory ...

         its like, a little to me, when these old bards
         used to memorize all of the oddysea or all of
         shakespeares works and play chess w/out boards
         and all of these mythical things that we used to
         hear about ... it seems very amazing - but not
         so difficult if we try it hard, and maybe training
         ourselves isn't bad this way ...

         I'm happy w/ whatever we get, video, cheaper,
         better film emulsions, etc, but what happens,
         it seems, is that each step we take, the peoples
         senses are getting duller - we are growing more
         stupid and less capable over time ... I don't
         really know, but I was talking to someone the
         other day & they were saying how modern american
         doctors, for
         instance, when trained aren't learning how to
         help the birthing process w/out machines and
         this and that & so they've lost the ability to
         "feel" and "sense" whats happening ... and they
         can't do it and would be lost w/ out their
         tools ... so its like they traded their eyes
         for some tech tool, that made them dependent on
         some electronic company & etc ... When I look at the
         magnificent old technicolor productions, I start
         to feel a little bit like gus from cats, when
         I look at some of these hoop tricks that pass
         for art now.


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