Re: the word is out: experimental film is available for use on dvd by educators

From: Cari Machet (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Mar 02 2006 - 10:01:20 PST

let me be more specific
i was referencing picture quality
(as a tech)
i remember and was referencing in my mind
when hd first came out
and the little (panasonic) display they had at NAB
the screens footage was compared to film - like a side by side
(but they were manipulative with the footage i think)
bcause i have worked in hd
i am aware of it's picture quality limitations
their dispaly was so funny
it had a mock up of the cam
made of wood


On 3/2/06, Philip Hood <email suppressed> wrote:
> hi, what seems clear to me is that so many
> people, even people making "filmic art"
> don't seem to be convinced, or even able
> to define what the difference is in any
> rational way ...
> my guess is maybe its a bit similiar to
> painters who paint w/ oil, and another
> acrylic, linen or cotton, or maybe a wood carver and
> stone carver or a metal worker, and a
> casual person just comes along and they look,
> and they say, its a painting, or oh!
> its a sculpture, when everything about
> making the different arts are different.
> I don't really believe that one is
> superior and the other not, but I think
> for film, its a little tricky, because,
> I've spoken to students in a few schools
> and they are studying filmmaking and etc,
> but they are really making video, and the
> distinction isn't really made here,
> and that filter is less distinguished
> in the larger culture.
> one clear distinction to me seems to be
> that film shares so much more w/ photography,
> whereas video seems to share so much more
> w/ electronic sound recording, which are
> totally different things ...
> I really don't have anything more to
> say about it than that, but I think
> film is film and video is video and
> its all ok. I just wish that people would
> respect each other and what each other
> are doing & be like, ok, you, you're doing
> something different, and in fact, you, you're
> different, but I like you & I can learn something
> from you, and its all cool ... Its pretty
> depressing because so many people see
> so many things so blunt and dull and
> everything is the same and its all
> tinged w/ a little bit of ignorance and
> disrespect.
> For me, video is pretty easy,
> seems more accessible to the masses,
> and I can use the computer to do a number
> of things w/ a number of free tools.
> But all in all, I've discovered that
> all of it is a little difficult and takes time
> and reworking and never quite comes out
> just the way I'd have it, but sometimes
> I just have to accept that this the way
> its going to be, this time.
> ml
> pth
> On Thu, 2 Mar 2006, Cari Machet wrote:
> > hd is not all that
> > have u worked in hd at all?
> > they say it compares but it don't
> > it is good but as stated - not all that
> > film is far superior
> >
> > c
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