Re: the word is out: experimental film is available for use on dvd by educators

From: Cari Machet (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Mar 04 2006 - 12:25:16 PST

culturally relevent?
who are u 2 massively judge cultural relevance
or 2 know w/ absolution
that underground work is not culturally relevant
i think you do not in any way understand the function of art
in life or art history

for u to act as if u get stuff
but don't is well
part of why the avant garde remains underground
look into the life/work of yoko ono (and other artists i mentioned b4)
then get back 2 us (perhaps w/ less ego - that would help)
for u 2 have 'contempt' without (obvious) investigation is well - uneducated
& not holistic

saying film will dissapear forever is just arrogance
how do you know?
people like you think that they can reinvent the wheel
it's really lol funny


On 3/4/06, jarrod whaley. <email suppressed> wrote:
> "Artists who work in their chosen medium are elitist? Their gestures are
> futile? What a bizarre rant."
> *sigh*
> Ignoring the fact that film will soon disappear forever is futile.
> Refusing (based on absolutist arguments of artistic Romanticism) to make
> work available to people who might like to see it is either elitist or
> outright stupid--take your pick. Calling the public a bunch of morons
> who have no right to see art is certainly an elitist attitude, by
> anyone's definition. If the public at large is traditionally
> unappreciative of truly artistic work, maybe the prevalence of attitudes
> like those I'm arguing against is at least one of the factors
> contributing to such a situation. I certainly will not say that all
> non-artists are inherently cretinous.
> I never said anything about working with film being a futile gesture.
> What's becoming increasingly clear is that my call for a more culturally
> relevant avant-garde cinema is futile, at least in this particular forum.
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