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Here are some links that showcase, discuss or in some way relate to alternative film and video, as well as a few personal favorites thrown in for flavor. Be sure to come on back, now!

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Alternative Cinema Showcases

Movies Online

note: many of these sites are actively soliciting films and videos, and will digitize and display your work for little or no cost. Be sure and ask about your rights when negotiating any contract agreement.

  • AboveStream.com -- a "streaming video sharing center," with some independent movies
  • Acid TV -- eroding the barrier between corporate media and video anarchy; looking for avant garde submissions
  • AFI OnLine Cinema -- the Film Institute's web site features movies online
  • Animation Heaven and Hell in 3-D -- obscure animated films
  • Anteye -- a collection of online short movies
  • As de bastos, tijeras en cruz -- the hand contorted like a jellyfish blinds the sorrowful eye of the oil lamp
  • Avidz.com -- shorts, documentaries, and a forum
  • Bijou Cafe -- indie features, shorts, newsletter, message boards, more; looking for avant garde submissions
  • blitzcinema.com -- digital movies of all sizes and shapes
  • BroadcastAmerica.com -- independent movies, classics, series and cartoons
  • Cashiers du Cinemart -- underground cinema at its deepest
  • Channel-T -- transsexual documentaries from within the transsexual community
  • Cinema Apocalypse -- cult/foreign/psychotronic/horror films, reviews, production
  • CinemaShorts.com -- an ongoing short film festival, specializing in multi-culturalism
  • Digital Video Documentaries -- Nathan Bramble's do-it-yourself site
  • The Dreamland -- monthly screenings of silent films
  • Dr. Shah Khan -- home movies and public events shot in 16mm in 1930s and 1940s India: a real gem of a site!
  • FlickerTube.com -- films, cartoons, music videos, more
  • Fluffy Time -- digital films for bent minds
  • Green Fields -- a quasi-experimental, quasi-narrative environment aboard a research ship
  • Evan's Internet Cinema -- spoofs and take-offs of big-name genres
  • IFILM -- lots of streaming video in many categories, including experimental
  • IFMP -- movie clips, a webzine, and networking opportunities
  • Independent Exposure -- from Blackchair Productions, an online screening room of shorts
  • IndieDVD -- an alliance of independent filmmakers and marketers
  • IndieKino -- international independent film online
  • indyflicks.com -- independent films and featured filmmakers
  • Internet Movie Channel -- everything from home repair to real estate; looking for avant garde submissions
  • Inventing Entertainment -- an interesting archive of early cinema, with downloadable clips
  • ITV Net -- all kinds of movies (even some experimental shorts), in a broadcast-style format
  • JediNet -- rogue reworkings of mainstream movies and more
  • The Last Cowboy -- a cowboy, a cosmonaut, and karl marx
  • The Little City -- energetic and subversive movies
  • Love Underground -- underground radio and video, humanly erotic videos, moving art, footage of live events
  • Nastified Media -- nasty tasting media that goes down hard
  • NeoKino Films -- a non-corporate streaming media site, with no banners or advertisements
  • Neovoxer -- a mytho-poetic fantasy epic feature film with live score
  • Netcast -- daily webcast programming, from Free Speech TV
  • The New Venue -- moving images designed specifically for the web
  • NomIg -- DJ and VJ collective meshing sight and sound into a cohesive whole
  • Percy & Ruth Crawford and the Birth of Televangelism -- an exhibit of the Billy Graham Center archives
  • Planet01.tv -- video podcasting from around the globe
  • plugincinema -- a do-it-yourself resource for digital and alternative cinema
  • PureStream -- streaming from the U.K.
  • Re-voir -- Pip Chodorov's high quality distribution site for experimental and hard-to-find European cinema
  • Short Village -- a new vortal specializing in short films, documentaries and animation (english version too)
  • Slam -- short films, videos, and animations, and episodic video content
  • SmackDabMedia.com -- studies in transitional digital content
  • StrikeTheSet -- independent features online
  • Studio Next -- short films, independent clips, or just fun 'stuff' to watch
  • Studio U-7 TV -- Russian collection of short movies in all categories, both online and for distribution
  • Undergroundfilm.com -- committed to showing and selling the work of independent filmmakers
  • urbanchillers.com -- original chilling short movies
  • uxoomi -- digitized movies in various categories; looking for avant garde submissions
  • Visionary Designs -- online experimental digital movies
  • Whispered Media -- a collective that promotes the use of video, and other media tools, in progressive grassroots movements
  • Wild Surmise -- an excellent list of independent films online
  • Your Mother -- underground videos your mother wouldn't approve of
  • ZeroOneFilms -- short/feature/documentary/specialty programming on the internet
  • Zu Casa -- videoart is the photography is the action is the transmission is the image is zu casa television

Blogs and Podcasts

  • Art Cinematic -- musings on experimental film, direct filmmaking, contemporary video art and more
  • Cine Soiree -- Joel Schlemowitz's blog of experimental film screenings, film soirees, and expanded cinema extravaganzas in and around New York City.
  • Hell on Frisco Bay -- has links to the Avant Garde Blog-a-thon as well as other bay-area-centric cine-information
  • La Región Central -- An Argentinian blog devoted to Avant-garde / Experimental / Small Gauge film
  • Left Field Cinema -- world, indy and alternative cinema podcasts and more
  • Marco Milone -- interesting ruminations on the state and delight of alternative cinema
  • Mellart -- blogging on video, sound, new media and installations
  • More Milk Yvette -- London based web journal for artists' and experimental film, publishing reviews, responses, interviews, artists’ writings and online galleries of new work
  • Preservation Insanity -- Archivist Mark Toscano's thoughtful musings on film preservation, particularly experimental film
  • TopMovie
  • Video Synthesis -- video art, performance, experimental film, & vanguard documentary
  • Visionary Film -- from Albert Alcoz

Films, Cameras and Items For Sale

Archival Footage

Dialog: Magazines, Literature

  • Afterimage -- the journal of media arts and cultural criticism; now with an online bulletin board
  • Audio Visualizers -- a comprehensive forum for video performance artists
  • Bright Lights Film Journal -- a hybrid of Hollywood and marginal cinematic exploration, with a good section on experimenal film
  • Camper, Fred -- a compendium of FC's writings on film over the years, including many about experimental film
  • Cantrills Filmnotes -- writing on independent cinema, with an emphasis on experimental, published twice yearly since 1971
  • Cashiers du Cinemart -- a look at the world of underground cinema
  • Expanded Cinema -- Gene Youngblood's milestone book on avant garde cinema is now available online
  • Filmmaker Magazine -- catering to the independent filmmaker community
  • Film Threat Online -- the Web's "indie voice" from the far side of Hollywood
  • filmwaves -- the magazine for low/no budget filmmakers and audiences
  • Full Alert Film Review -- "information, reviews, profiles and articles on films and filmmakers that are often ignored even by 'alternative' media"
  • The Film-Theory Web Page -- highbrow discussions of cinema and its meanings
  • greatindiefilms.com -- reviews, interviews, articles, classifieds and more
  • Haciendo Cine -- an informative and lively magazine for independent and experimental cinema from Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Halter, Ed -- the vociferous film critic and programmer's web page
  • INCITE! -- Journal of Experimental Media & Radical Aesthetics
  • The Independent -- published by the Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers, with occasional avant garde articles
  • Jump Cut -- looking at media in its social and political context
  • Kinoeye -- in-depth looks at overlooked features and occasionally experimental cinema
  • Literature for Super-8 Filmmakers -- a good listing of small gauge books
  • Millennium Film Journal -- the Millennium Film Workshop's durable journal of experimental film
  • Not Bored! -- an anarchist, situationist-inspired, low-budget, irregularly published, photocopied journal
  • Paper Tiger Television -- destroying the paper-thin myths about media
  • Pugzine -- an underground art and culture zine
  • readme -- contemporary non-mainstream poetics and experimental film
  • Senses of Cinema -- an online film journal devoted to the serious and eclectic discussion of cinema
  • Situationists International -- we are not.
  • 24framespersecond -- an online film journal for "uniquely personal reactions to films and filmmakers"
  • Videomaker Magazine -- camcorder and desktop video
  • The Virtual Beret -- "Perceptions of the Artist in the Online World" and net ramblings


Distribution, Sales and Rentals

  • Anarchist Cinema -- not sure if this site is safe for work...
  • Arthouse Inc. -- an interesting collection of film/video, including lots of experimental work
  • B-Movie Theater -- a distribution site dedicated to promoting obscure, low-budget movies and special-interest videos
  • Boulevard Movies -- cult and independent films on DVD
  • Brócolis VHS -- a Brazilian experimental film collective -- scroll right!
  • Cambridge Documentary Films -- films that challenge
  • Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Center -- a searchable catalog of Canadian experimental cinema
  • Canyon Cinema -- the best source for experimental film rentals
  • Cecile Starr -- an avant garde film collector with video sales and rentals
  • Center for Visual Music -- video/DVD sales of abstract and experimental films; the organization also preserves and programs AG film
  • D I P H U S A -- a non-profit Brazilian distribution center promoting moving image art
  • EuroCinema -- a European landing place for "non-Hollywood films"
  • Facets Video -- the big video distributor has some good avant garde titles, and it's searchable
  • FCLS Film Center -- a great resource for film collectors; also lots of equipment information
  • Film-Makers' Cooperative -- the east coast U.S. experimental film rental house
  • Films4Auction -- an unusual way of distributing films
  • First Run Features -- video versions of offbeat and indie features
  • HAMACA -- media and video art distribution from Spain
  • Heure Exquise ! -- from France, a non-profit promoting video art, video creation, sales and distribution
  • Independent Filmmaker Cooperation -- a German distributor of independent and non-mainstream films and videos
  • International Movie Market -- "targets and serves you, movie distributors and buyers from all over the world"
  • The Kitchen -- the New York exhibition space's own distribution catalog
  • Light Cone Films -- the premiere European distribution center for avant garde cinema
  • Light Cone Video -- a great collection of experimental films on video cassette, from Paris
  • Lowave -- an independent DVD label with the objective of discovering and promoting contemporary film and video art
  • MediaRights.org -- making social issue documentaries and advocacy videos easy to find
  • Microcinema International -- producing collections of avant garde film and video on DVD
  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday Club -- represents video & film artists in consumer sales
  • Movie Market -- a glitzy commercial distribution site; allows you to list your film
  • National Asian American Telecommunications Association -- films and videos which showcase voices, issues and experiences from diverse Asian American and Pacific Islander communities
  • New Day Films -- a cooperative of independent producers distributing work that is high in quality and social consciousness
  • Other Cinema DVD -- alternative distribution of extraordinary works
  • Outspoken Productions -- a catalog of lesbian and gay film and video
  • ReelUniverse.com -- independent movies orderable online, some from the makers themselves
  • reel.com -- a sprawling video sales and rental site, mostly mainstream but with some off-beat selections; searchable!
  • Re-voir -- Pip Chodorov's high quality distribution site for experimental and hard-to-find European cinema
  • Scarecrow Video -- alternative distribution in Seattle, Washington
  • Seventh Art Releasing -- oddball indie distributors from Hollywoodland
  • STRÁNKY ČESKÉHO EXPERIMENTÁLNÍHO FILMU -- programs and a catalog about Czech experimental film, partly in English
  • Studio U-7 TV -- a Russian collection of short movies in all categories, both online and for distribution
  • Undergroundfilm.com -- committed to showing and selling the work of independent filmmakers
  • Video Databank -- the leading resource in the United States for videotapes by and about contemporary artists
  • videos.com, Inc. -- web pages for video stores, distributors, and releasing companies, and collection of experimental, alternative, and unusual films and videos
  • Visionary -- from the UK, the "bible of video sub-culture"
  • Year Ocean -- underground video and digital filmmaking and distribution
  • Zeitgeist Films -- an indie feature film distributor from New York


Dialog: Newsgroups, Mailing Lists, Forums

Note: Depending on your server's particular news feed, you may not be able to access all newsgroups.


Experimental-friendly Festivals

Digital and Online Festivals

Other Festivals

Labs (for specialty film processing)

General and Not-so General Interest

Vintage and Pre-Cinema

8mm Specialties

Production Resources (non-profit) and Organizations

Production Resources -- for-profit

  • A Luna Blue - royalty-free stock footage and imagery
  • Avidtech -- 8mm & 16mm transfers to DVD and film restoration services in Australia
  • Black & White Film Factory -- Super 8, Reg 8, 16mm, Super 16 and 35mm film services, color/b&w, from Ontario, Canada
  • Can Stock Photo -- stock photos for sale
  • Cine-O-Matic -- DVD and Blu-ray authoring house providing professional encoding, authoring, and design, plus streaming
  • Cinovation -- script writing software
  • ConnectMedia -- access to the Northern California media community; labs, crews, nuts and bolts
  • Digital Media -- free Avid post-production services to deserving low and medium-budget filmmakers in exchange for their particpation in the Filmcamp program
  • Elasticmusic.com -- web-based, interactive music service for professional music buyers
  • Foto Search Stock Footage -- allows users to search from more than fifty quality stock photo and footage vendors at one site
  • Guerilla Opticals -- regular 8 and super-8 blowups to 16mm, and optical effects
  • JK Meritex -- the original source for optical printers and accessories
  • The Mercury Production Report -- a weekly production listing service, providing information about film projects in the preproduction and development stage
  • MOD Opticals -- digitizing film to computer and back again
  • Oddball Film+Video -- a great resource for stock footage
  • Production Central (212)631-0435 -- an east coast equipment and editing suite rental house
  • RetroFootage.com -- thousands of hours of great royalty free stock footage including newsreels, famous speeches, educational films, movie trailers, intermission commercials, and much more
  • Royalty Free Music -- a large collection of usable music
  • StudioDepot.com -- a resource for studio and camera gear
  • Video Workprinter -- high quality transfers for the do-it-yourself filmmaker

Lists of Cinema-Related Sites

Training and Workshops