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Frameworks is "an international forum on experimental film, avant-garde film, film as art, film as film, or film as visual poetry; film's expressive qualities, aside from or in addition to its storytelling capacity. Any genre of experimental film, such as film diary, found footage, abstract, flicker, lyric, subversive, expanded, etc., can be discussed, as well as those films which fall into the cracks between the genres, or those not covered by other lists.

"All aspects, from filmmaking to criticism, are acceptable in this context, including unipersonal production, techniques, history and esthetics of avant-garde film, critical discussions, new directions, courses and teaching, festivals, announcements of world-wide events in film, retrospectives, exchanges of information, etc. This list is not intended for the discussion of narrative film, nor documentary film, nor video, nor video art."

FrameWorks was started by Pip Chodorov of Re:Voir in Paris; unmoderated.

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frameworks archive The complete Frameworks Archive is now available online, courtesy of your friends at Flicker!