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  • This week's programs (summary):

    Wednesday, October 23, 2019

    Santander, Spain: Centro Cultural Doctor Madrazo
    6:00 PM, Casimiro Sainz, S/N
    Cineinfinito #107: Holly Fisher (III)
    Cineinfinito #107: Holly Fisher (III) CINEINFINITO / Centro Cultural Doctor Madrazo Miércoles 23 de Octubre de 2019, 18:00h. Centro Cultural Doctor Madrazo Calle Casimiro Sainz, s/n 39004 Santander Programa: Here Today Gone Tomorrow (aka Rushlight) (1984), Super 8 (a 16mm) / color / silente / 54 min Formato de proyección: HD (nuevo transfer digital en primicia para esta sesión) Agradecimiento especial a Holly Fisher y a Light Cone

    Thursday, October 24, 2019

    Brooklyn, NY United States: UnionDocs
    7:30 PM, 322 Union Ave
    Eyes on Elsewheres
    Presented during the 12th edition of the Imagine Science Film Festival in NYC (Oct 18-25), this companion program expands upon the festival’s 2019 theme of EMERGENCE: the ability of simple parts acting together to give rise to complicated properties unobserved in the parts alone, whether on the level of chemical interactions or universal social change. Through this program of films we’ll ask how do we observe that which we cannot experience directly? Whether searching the surfaces of distant planets or peering into the quantum world, science seeks to extend our perception ever further. But the further we seek, the more perception, always subjective, may become a metaphor for reality. What is the truth, even, of a photographic image? Centered on The Other Side of Mars, a philosophical feature study of the exploration and documentation of the surface of Mars via robotic rover, along with films set in CERN and on the moon, this program asks questions at the top levels of scientific theory: of how much we can ever hope to know. For María Molina Peiró, Semiconductor and Minna Långström, this manifests through the photographs of astronaut Charles Duke, humanity’s place at the European Organization for Nuclear Research and the otherworldly process of photography on Mars. PROGRAM The Sasha 21 min., 2019 María Molina Peiró The View From Nowhere 13 min., 2018 Semiconductor The Other Side of Mars 55 min., 2019 Minna Långström

    Los Angeles, CA United States: Echo Park Film Center
    8:00 PM, 1200 N Alvarado St
    A Parcel of Land: Films by Urban Dwellers
    The urban environment as we know is a continuous ever changing phenomenon. It is planned and formed of the tangible and intangible. We shape it as much as it shapes us. Is there anyway to experience every inch of what has been created so far? Possibly not. But join us for a night of short films about some of the urban spaces around us by local urban dwellers. Films presented tonight include work by Eliza Jimenez, Dominick Ortiz, Gemma Jimenez Gonzalez, Monica Juarez, Nicole Ucedo, and Thea Rhodes.

    New York, NY: Anthology Film Archives
    7:30 PM, 32 Second Avenue
    Viking Eggeling SYMPHONIE DIAGONALE (1924, 8 min, 35mm) "This early experimental short is one of only two films completed by Swedish-born artist Viking Eggeling, who worked in Paris, Milan, and ultimately Germany. It utilizes paper cutouts, tin foil, and frame-by-frame photography to create a playful show in which cubist, even art deco, circles and lines dance - diagonally - across the black screen." -FACETS Dwinell Grant COMPOSITION #2 CONTRATHEMIS (1941, 5 min, 16mm, silent) "An attempt to develop visual abstract themes and to counterpoint them in a planned, formal composition." -Dwinell Grant STOP MOTION TESTS (1942, 3 min, 16mm, silent) A pixillated self-portrait of the filmmaker in his studio. COLOR SEQUENCE (1943, 3 min, 16mm, silent) "Pure solid-color frames which fade, mutate and flicker. A research into color rhythms and perceptual phenomena." -William Moritz Ken Jacobs & Bob Fleischner BLONDE COBRA 1959-63, 35 min, 16mm-to-35mm blow-up. With Jack Smith. Preserved by Anthology Film Archives with support from The Film Foundation. "BLONDE COBRA is an erratic narrative - no, not really a narrative, it's only stretched out in time for convenience of delivery. It's a look in on an exploding life, on a man of imagination suffering pre-fashionable Lower East Side deprivation and consumed with American 1950s, 40s, 30s disgust. Silly, self-pitying, guilt-strictured and yet triumphing - on one level - over the situation with style… enticing us into an absurd moral posture the better to dismiss us with a regal 'screw off.'" -Ken Jacobs Total running time: ca. 60 min.

    San Francisco, CA United States: San Francisco Cinematheque
    7:30 PM, 701 Mission St
    Something Between Us: Films by Jodie Mack
    *FILMMAKER JODIE MACK APPEARING IN PERSON* This program is co-presented with Headlands Center for the Arts, Canyon Cinema and SFMOMA The flickering, post-structuralist, quasi-animated films of Jodie Mack beguile with scintillating color and gloss. Obsessively animated from cast-off and recycled materials these cinematically kinetic pop-art gems reach for the stars and aspire to the ecstatic while blurring the boundaries between fine-art abstraction and mass-produced consumerist kitsch. Visiting the Bay Area as an Artist in Residence at Headlands Center for the Arts, Jodie Mack appears in person to present a collection of works created 2010–2018 including: HOARDERS WITHOUT BOARDERS 1.0; WASTELAND NO. 1: ARDENT, VERDANT; SOMETHING BETWEEN US; RAZZLE DAZZLE; NEW FANCY FOILS; POINT DE GAZE; POSTHASTE PERENNIAL PATTERN; PERSIAN PICKLES and UNDERTONE OVERTURE.

    Friday, October 25, 2019

    Los Angeles, CA United States: Echo Park Film Center
    8:00 PM, 1200 N Alvarado St
    Vinegar Syndrome Hallowe'en Spooktacular 2019
    This month we present Hallowe’en Super 8 Spooktacular, specially devised to help you get in the Halloween spirit! We’ll be screening a grab bag of classic and B­-Grade horror flicks from EPFC’s formidable Super 8 collection. Expect swamp men, vampires, mummies, werewolves and a few unconvincing rubber monster masks. Featuring LIVE MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENT! Plus candy. Lots of candy.

    Santander, Spain: Centro Cultural Doctor Madrazo
    6:00 PM, Casimiro Sainz, S/N
    Cineinfinito #109: Leighton Pierce (II)
    Cineinfinito #109: Leighton Pierce (II) CINEINFINITO / Centro Cultural Doctor Madrazo Viernes 25 de Octubre de 2019, 18:00h. Centro Cultural Doctor Madrazo Calle Casimiro Sainz, s/n 39004 Santander Programa: Retrograde Premonition (2010), HD, color, sonora, 5 min White Ash (2013), HD, color, sonora, 29 min Deck (2019), HD, color, sonora, 29 min Formato de proyección: HD (copias cortesía de Leighton Pierce) Agradecimiento especial a Leighton Pierce

    Santander, Spain: Centro Cultural Doctor Madrazo
    7:30 PM, Casimiro Sainz, S/N
    Cineinfinito #110: Leighton Pierce (III)
    Cineinfinito #110: Leighton Pierce (III) CINEINFINITO / Centro Cultural Doctor Madrazo Viernes 25 de Octubre de 2019, 19:30h. Centro Cultural Doctor Madrazo Calle Casimiro Sainz, s/n 39004 Santander Programa: (el orden de los films según indicaciones del autor) Back Steps (2001), mini-DV, color, stereo sound, 5 min Wood (2000), mini-DV, color, stereo, 8 min Thursday (1991), 16mm, color, sonido, 4 min Blue Hat (1992), 16mm, color, sonido 4 min Pink Socks (2002), mini-DV, color, stereo, 5 min Fall (2002), mini-DV, color, stereo, 13 min Evaporation (2002), mini-DV, color, stereo, 11 min Water Seeking its Level (2002), mini-DV, color, stereo, 5 min Formato de proyección: HD y SD (copias cortesía de Leighton Pierce) Agradecimiento especial a Leighton Pierce

    Saturday, October 26, 2019

    San Francisco: Other Cinema
    8:30, 992 Valencia Street
    OCT.26: REVIVAL OF EVIL + UNARIUS + SUB-GENIUS + Holy crap! For our annual Halloween SPOOKTACULAR, we couldn’t get any freakier than the contemporary hellscape of “alt religion”...and here is a veritable Flood of eschatological SPEW and wide-eyed WHEW!! We’ve got Pat Boone speaking in tongues, clips of Poke Runyon’s Magic of Solomon, Holy Ghost Hysteria, Mark of the Beast, Cult Explosion, the ever-visionary adventures of our flying-saucer/past-lives pals Unarius, and a couple clips (Arise!, X-Day Drill) from the Texas Slack sect with strong connections to SF, The Church of the Sub-Genius! Praise Bob!! The night’s 16mm high/low point is a conspiratorial section from Jeremiah Films’ ultra rare, utterly wicked Revival of Evil, with intro by collector Anthony Buchanan. ALSO the Mormon Ancient America (claiming Jesus preached in Meso-America), the post-Mormon doomsday sect Nesara, 700 Club on Burning Man’s Satanic connections, Joe Schimmel on backward-masking, black magic, sorcery, and witchcraft, and the energized rants and intra-Christian attacks of many other bizarre belief-systems. DJ Mysterious Music Meister will be spinning the vinyl backwards, of course, as well as dispensing free trick-or-treats! *$6.66

    Sunday, October 27, 2019

    Los Angeles, CA United States: Echo Park Film Center
    8:00 PM, 1200 N Alvarado St
    Dagie Delights: New Films from a Recent Residency
    EPFC’s 2-day Cinematic Oktoberfest wraps up at EPFC with the return of Dagie Brundert and a whole bunch of new eco-brew Super 8 films created during her two-month residency at North Street Collective in Willets, CA. Food, drinks, films and fun for everyone! FREE EVENT! FILMMAKER IN ATTENDANCE! This event is made possible by Wunderbar Together: Germany and the US, an initiative funded by the German Federal Foreign Office, implemented by Goethe Institut and supported by BDI The Voice of Germany Industry.

    New York, NY: Anthology Film Archives
    5:00 PM, 32 Second Avenue
    LITHUANIA AND THE COLLAPSE OF THE USSR 2008, 289 min, digital This video is made up of footage that I took with my Sony from the television newscasts during the collapse of the USSR, with the home noises in the background. It's a capsule record of what happened and how it happened during that crucial period as recorded by the television newscasters. It can be also viewed as a classic Greek drama in which the destinies of nations are changed drastically by the unbending, bordering on irrational, will of one single man, one small nation determined to regain its freedom, backed by Olympus in its fight against the Might & Power, against the Impossible.

    Monday, October 28, 2019

    New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
    7pm, 32 Second Avenue New York, NY 10003
    Flaherty NYC: The Face of the Planet
    7:00 PM FLAHERTY NYC: THE FACE OF THE PLANET. This screening is part of: FLAHERTY NYC: SURFACE KNOWLEDGE. Jerome Ellis and Jennifer Peterson in person. Additional guests TBA. Moderated by Courtney Stephens, filmmaker and curator. What can films about nature do in this time of ecological crisis? Tracing a line through three discrete eras and modes of filmmaking – early nature films from the 1920s, feminist work of the 1970s, and contemporary work that attempts to queer and decolonize nature – this evening explores constellations of the “natural.” With a focus on notions of wildness and endangerment, the program explores how living worlds have been constructed – as fierce, “feminine,” or under threat – and how these constructions have been rejected, reinterpreted, or embraced by filmmakers of different generations. Featuring films, performance, and live lecture, these works move us beyond the flatness of the screen to engage with matters of ecological concern in the actually existing material world. Percy Smith NATURE’S HANDIWORK (1921, 10 min, 16mm-to-digital. Silent film accompanied by Jennifer Peterson (live narration) and Jerome Ellis (live music).) ALASKA'S EIGHTH WONDER (REEL 2) (ca. 1925, 12 min, 16mm-to-digital. Silent film accompanied by Jennifer Peterson (live narration) and Jerome Ellis (live music).) Ana Mendieta GRASS BREATHING (ca. 1974, 3 min, Super-8mm-to-digital) Ana Mendieta CREEK (1974, 3 min, Super-8mm-to-digital) Ana Mendieta SILUETA DE ARENA (1978, 2 min, Super-8mm-to-digital) Barbara Hammer JANE BRAKHAGE (1972, 10 min, 16mm) Bill Basquin DEER CENSUS (2009, 8 min, digital) Christina Battle OIL WELLS: STURGEON ROAD & 97TH ST (2002, 3 min, 16mm) Ja’Tovia Gary GIVERNY I (NEGRESSE IMPERIALE) (2017, 6 min, digital) Thirza Cuthland LESS LETHAL FETISHES (2019, 10 min, digital) Anna Kipervaser & Rhys Morgan NO GARDEN BEYOND (2019, 11 min, digital) Total running time: ca. 85 min.

    Tuesday, October 29, 2019

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Nightletter
    7:30pm, 5213 Grays Ave
    Greater and Lesser Magic: Occult Films for Halloween
    This Halloween, join us at Nightletter for an evening of films that plumb the depths of the esoteric from Aleister Crowley and witchcraft to satanic panic and illusion. The occult has been integral to cinema since its emergence at the height of 19th Century Spiritualism. And it came pre-packaged with all the ingredients for magik: a ritual in darkness, the illusions of sound, color and editing, and the conjuring of light. Greater and Lesser Magic begins with Maya Deren’s Witch’s Cradle which was unfinished at the time of her death and then revived and completed from beyond the grave. Featuring Marcel Duchamp, the film makes common cause between the modernist disruption of dominant cultural values and the witchcraft beloved by the Haitian Voodoo trained filmmaker. Brakhage’s Cat’s Cradle presents a sexual ritual featuring Carolee Schneemann, James Tenney, bathed in a ghostly reddish light. As if from the perspective of a black cat as spirit medium, the result is a sensory overload of rapid editing. Kenneth Anger’s and Curtis Harrington’s films are platforms for Marjorie Cameron who, in the Los Angeles coven of Aleister Crowley’s Thelema movement, was destined to carry the reincarnated Whore of Babylon to term. The group, whose fingerprints are all over one-time member L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology, performed sexual masquerade rituals which are dramatized in Anger’s film. Its frenzied colors and costuming vacillates between the best of Hollywood cinematography and complete abstraction. The Wormwood Star is a more straightforward spell, documenting Cameron in statuesque still lives as well as her symbolist paintings while her voiceover acts as a sort of incantation. The program will also include a short selection of illusionist films by Georges Méliès. Witch’s Cradle / Maya Deren / 1943 / 12 min / 16mm Cat’s Cradle / Stan Brakhage / 1959 / 6 min / 16mm The Wormwood Star / Curtis Harrington / 1956 / 10 min / 16mm Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome / Kenneth Anger / 1954 / 38 min / 16mm

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