Impressions on the Art of the Cinematograph
Introductory Digressions by Bruce Posner

Fall 1999 Schedule
March/April 1999 Schedule

Proposal Draft: The Unseen Cinema: Early American Avant-Garde Film 1893-1940

What Is Cine Salon ?

In 1996, Ciné Salon began as an alternative venue for the screening and
discussion of motion picture arts in the Upper Valley.

Outside of commercial, educational and broadcast possibilities available,
the informal nature of the Howe Library presentations mimic the home movie
screenings held by Amanda and Bruce Posner in their home.

Ciné Salon offers the Posners a way of sharing their extensive knowledge of
independent artist-made moving media and its rich century-long history.

Each year for the past three years, two thematic series
(October-November-December and March-April-May) consisting of five
film/video programs have been successfully presented at the Howe Library,
Hanover, NH. From time-to-time extra special screenings are held at
Dartmouth College by Hopkins Center Film.

The programs are curated from Posners' personal film & video collection and
from prestigious film archives including The Museum of Modern Art,
Anthology Film Archives, International Museum of Photography & Film George
Eastman House, Archives du Film du CNC, Film-Makers' Cooperative, and
Canyon Cinema.

The film & video programs are preceded by introductory digressions by Bruce
Posner, who uses the informal forum to formulate theoretical aesthetics and
historical antecedents on the nature of motion picture arts.

Film professionals Nora Jacobson and Barbara Van Dyke have also embellished
the series with personal appearances. Upcoming speakers include writer and
activist Grace Paley and avant-garde filmmaker Stan Brakhage.

Ciné Salon continues to keep abreast of world-class cinema arts, stylistic
innovations and ground-breaking trends throughout the entire history of
cinematic and videographic arts from around the world.

Our little screenings have been deemed by more than one attendee as "one of
the best kept secrets of the Upper Valley."

Come share the cinematic wonder.

We need your financial support to keep the films rolling.

Direct tax deductible contributions to
Ciné Salon
in care of
The Main Street Museum of Art
P.O. Box 378
Hartford Village, VT 05047-0378

Inquiries: 603-542-1254 or

Filmmakers Featured at Ciné Salon 1996-1999

Kenneth Anger
Stan Brakhage
Jean-Luc Godard
Wim Wenders
F.W. Murnau
Peter Greenaway
Auguste & Louis Lumiére
Henri Langlois
Andy Warhol
Jean-Pierre Gorin
D. W. Griffith
Maya Deren
Bruce Elder
Edgardo Cozarinsky
Joseph Cornell
Georges Méliès
Bruce Baillie
Francis Thompson
Jay Leyda
Claire Parker
Alexandre Alexeieff
Helen Levitt
Janice Loeb
James Agee
Peter Kubelka
Ken Jacobs
Mary Ellen Bute
Brothers Skladanowsky
Larry Jordan
James Davis
Peter Glushanok
Jack Chambers
Willard Van Dyke
Barbara Van Dyke
Ralph Steiner
Roberto Guerra
Ferdnand Zecca
Herman G. Weinberg
Jonas Mekas
Hans Richter
Hollis Frampton
Sasha Hamid
Len Lye
Marie Menken
Paul Sharits
Jay Rosenblatt
Emlen Etting
Willard Maas
Hy Hirsh
Charles Recher
Pat O'Neill
Paul Winkler
Henry Hills
Saul Levine
Boris Deutsch
Slavo Vorkapich
Robert Florey
Greg Toland
Killian Dellers
Martin Arnold
Roger Jacoby
Chris Marker

See you at the movies!


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