[Frameworks] film to digi exhibition - its already happening

From: graeme hogg (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Dec 05 2010 - 13:16:03 PST

HD is obsolete. Long live 16mm.

Give that (super) 16mm has a digital equivalence of 2058 x 1237 (2.5
million pixles) and 16mm is very widespread in the artistic community
why dont people aim higher than domestic formats like blu ray, etc, ie
2k Digi Cinema packages. They cost a 10th of the price of 35mm theatrical
prints and if there was enough demand from wider sectors other than
Cinemas (all currently in the very grave process of converting to 2k and
4k projection) ie arts centres, museums, galleries, etc then the price
might come down for the machines (currently around 60k).

Also the industrial standards of 35mm prints (and 16mm to be fair) will
translate well into DCPs because these systems are defined/standardised by
the industry however much independent artists wish to be in terms of content.

No HD projector I have ever seen, single or 3chip can match the punch
and speed of a good 16mm projector. I do however think that 2k cinema
machines finally do this format digital justice.

People keep going on about the small difference in resolution, but its
about 'way' more than the amount of pixels.

If the purpose is to make films availble to be seen in a way totally in
keeping with an artists vision, I consider a new era to be potentially
upon us where Cinema meets cinema, Film meets film and the Personal meets
the Collective.

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