Re: [Frameworks] The Digital Video Exhibition Problem: And An Offer To Address It

From: Aaron F. Ross (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Dec 05 2010 - 14:20:06 PST

David Tetzlaff <email suppressed> wrote:

>For example, anyone with access to Final Cut Studio and a standard
>DVD burner can create an HD optical disc holding up to 30 minutes of
>material, and an exhibitor can acquire the gear necessary to play
>that disc for $75 or less, and the system is absolutely rock solid
>with beautiful image quality... if you do it right. But you have to know how.

Boom. Nail hit right on the head. It's an education problem. And I've
seen this many times over the years. Some people don't like change.

Flick Harrison <email suppressed> wrote:

>After I've read this, you, sir, have my undivided attention.

If I may interject, this is the way to go. 1080p Blu-ray file
structure burned to cheapo DVD+R media. It's brilliant for short
films. And longer discs are just as easy, you know. Blu-ray burners
are cheap now, and the media are not really that expensive anymore.

As for the "files are the future" argument, consider this. Yes,
optical media may have compatibility issues, but the same can be said
for any digital format. Just because you've saved out an H.264 movie
in an MP4 container does not mean that your work is going to look the
same when it's exhibited. Software has quirks, end of story. I can't
tell you how exhausted I am over the perennial Quicktime for Windows
bug that results in screwed up contrast due to a super insanely
obscure setting nested four dialogs deep in the interface.

I'll be much more confident about using multimedia files once
Hollywood has a standard for that.


Aaron F. Ross
Digital Arts Guild

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