Re: [Frameworks] film to digi exhibition - its already happening

From: graeme hogg (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Dec 09 2010 - 02:34:06 PST

Yes, film projection and digital projection are two
totally different viewing experiences.

Digital projection produces an 'always' on, constant picture whereas
a 60 minute film projection has at least 30 minutes in total blackness
depending on which blade/shutter is used.

I like modern technology, but I think that what would be interesting would
be to revisit film roll technique from a modern persepective, seeing
projectors as rooted in an age before digital steppers, software and
modern lamps.

>> But the picture throw act is the issue there, not the
>> transport medium.
> Yes... but one major issue with digital _projection_ is the problem
> of 'blacks' (and contamination of near blacks --- of course film
> prints don't do a dead black either - although Vision Premiere
> with its 5.0 (?) D-max is close..... one thing that's different I
> think is this: with a projected film print, the blacks are kind of
> quavering, emerging out of the darkness of the closed shutter. Merging
> then with the pure dark of the shutter period. With digi projection,
> dark chips & all, the 'black' is there as a static nothingmuchness for
> your eye to study and on a large scale this
> is not so pleasant.....
> What would really be cool ideally is some kind of dynamic single chip
> that acts like a film frame,
> modulated translucence refreshing at the frame rate, subtractive....
> -Sam
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