Re: [Frameworks] The Digital Video Exhibition Problem: And An Offer To Address It

From: Brook Hinton (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Dec 05 2010 - 12:30:31 PST

David - that does indeed work, assuming a dead-compatible player. Before
folks get too over the moon though, it's NOT blu-ray quality, though it is a
BD spec. I can't remember the bandwidth limitation, but I think
significantly below the max for Blu-Ray (though still way beyond, say,
AppleTV and many time over any current streaming spec.). Think about the
motion and shadow artifacting that you see on commercial Blu-Rays (it's far
better than DVDs, yes, but still a problem with challenging material) - it's
visibly worse with the HD-on-DVDR workflow. Though still better than the
equivalents on an SD DVD.

I'll end my anti-round-disc diatribe with this and then fall silent: in
multi-maker exhibition situations i've found DVDs (and by extension Blu-Ray)
incredibly awkward on a physical level (cueing, loading, unloading, etc.) as
well as the previously stated objections. And my experience does not bear
out the claim of reliability for a well-authored DVD even on the best media
(though it's just as often the players or drives that prove wonky). Now a
single authored disc for a whole show, with a backup (ideally player AND
disc) - that's another matter and certainly viable when timing and
circumstances permit.


On Sun, Dec 5, 2010 at 11:57 AM, Flick Harrison <email suppressed>wrote:

> After I've read this, you, sir, have my undivided attention.
> On 2010-12-05, at 09:16 , David Tetzlaff wrote:
> For example, anyone with access to Final Cut Studio and a standard DVD
> burner can create an HD optical disc holding up to 30 minutes of material,
> and an exhibitor can acquire the gear necessary to play that disc for $75 or
> less, and the system is absolutely rock solid with beautiful image
> quality... if you do it right. But you have to know how.
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