Re: [Frameworks] film to digi exhibition - its already happening

From: graeme hogg (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Dec 07 2010 - 06:51:27 PST

Technology is moving so fast. Its perhaps approximate to the years
of early cinema where there was 32mm, 10mm, 45mm etc and everyone was
having a go at designing/building a platfom which they hoped would
make them their millions. Of course we know what happened with various
skulduggery from Edison and B&H, etc.

Yes, perhaps non-spec/blockbudget cinema will go an entirely differnt way,
it already has to an large extent with the ubiquity of DVD, tape
formats and files. But the picture throw act is the issue there, not the
transport medium.

> We'll have to see about Kodak's new Laser projector..... (2K with
> scaling to 4K, why didn't they follow Sony and now Christie (a DLP)
> with full out 4K ? well maybe they've got a really good scaling engine
> which would be nice...
> But, I wonder sometimes if large displays, imagine stitched OLED
> screens, or Dolby's display if they ever decide to price it down out
> of the stratosphere (otherwise it's a future museum piece)
> won't be the better way for non-spectacle/blockbuster cinema...
> So many issues with light path in 3 chip projectors.....
> -Sam
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