syncing sound on super-16mm

From: marco poloni (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Feb 02 2009 - 08:25:25 PST

Dear Frameworkers,

I am embarking on a technical endeavour which consists of attempting to sync super-16mm film with sound at the projection stage. As you well know S-16mm is a camera film. It has no space for an optical track between the image frames and the sprocket holes. I contacted Martin Sawyer in London, who did a good amount of research in adding a very fine optical track. He got good results, but said it was very difficult to find labs that would process this footage. If I am not mistaken, he abandoned this.

I'd like to attempt exploring another route. The idea is first to modify an existing 16m projector by widening the gate's aperture to the “W”type gate of S-16mm. That's the not-too-difficult part. Second, I would have to find someone to crystal-sync the motor via an external "master" device that will also pilot the sound of a CD, MP3 or solid state player to ensure perfect sync.

I have done quite some research and have some very technical questions. I am writing in the hope that someone might provide feedback.

1. It seems that syncing DC motors is fairly easy, whereas syncing AC motors would be difficult and costly. A friend recommends using a Bauer P8 projector which uses a DC motor. I am a big fan of Eiki's and am not ready to swap brands. I was wondering if anyone knows whether their drive motors are AC or DC?

2. More specifically, should this be feasible with an Eiki, does anyone have a scanned service manual for an Eiki EX-300SL (or EX-2000)with the electric circuitry? (350W xenon lamp)

3. I have been looking for an Eiki EX-300SL through the usual channels (ebay, ...). It is very difficult to find... Much harder than the more common SSL's. Does anyone know of a place that could have a couple for sale?

Thanks a lot beforehand for your input!


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