Kodak/Qualex processing no more

From: Timoleon Wilkins (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Feb 01 2009 - 12:07:19 PST

FYI: No more dropping off your film at the drugstore.

After I had several rolls of Super 8 lost by Qualex/Kodak Premium Processing at my local supermarket, I learned that Kodak is discontinuing all store pick-ups and drop-offs of film processing in March 09. What this means for the few of us that still use this service for movie film: you will have to send it to Dwayne's (or other labs) yourself (Dwayne's has been Kodak's sole processor of E-6 & K-14 'chrome for a while). The only reason I ever tolerated the dreaded drop-box was the price--something in the neighborhood of $4.00 a roll...

I spoke to Dwayne's some months ago and while they are still contracting with Fuji processing for slide film, movie film is no longer 'in the contract'--so now even Fuji-branded stores like Walmart are out of the question--they'll send any movie film back without processing it. In otherwords--if you have movie film of any kind--don't bother with the drop-box again.

Dwayne's E-6 processing is really top notch, by the way, so please support this lab as much as you can--

As for the lost rolls (3 out of 10 over a period of 2 months) it makes more sense now. The couriers/sorters etc. will all be jobless next month. At least they've promised to send a check for replacement film.

Anyone else have recent experiences with this kind of thing?

Ever onward celluloid soldiers. -TW

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