Re: syncing sound on super-16mm

From: marco poloni (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Feb 05 2009 - 14:59:21 PST

I know it sounds odd. I just work in S16 and love the format, the lenses I work with, and it has been a frustration to not being able to project prints of the native material, since it was a format made for transfer to video or to 35mm. Filming in std 16mm to then remove some percentage of the image to adjust to the 5/3 aspect ratio of super16 does not make any sense to me, it's just loosing frame surface.

I know I am not the only person working on this idea, which indeed seems a bit adventurous. I am well aware of the difficulties. I was aiming at converting Eiki's because the optical path seems easier to modify than Bauers but Bauers hav emore modern motors so it makes syncing with external audio an easier task. That's on of the issues I'm facing now.


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>> About the Bauer machine it doesn't tear film up if you are really
>> careful but it's awkward to thread (both sides)
>> and you're being careful about getting the right spot in the gate
>> and oppposite the play head.
>> Then it's kind of clunky and violent so it's very unforgiving. I
>> haven't used it for ages but I think i was
>> getting the knack by the end.
>Well It's the most Baroque threading path I ever saw.
>I would take a very careful look at one before a DIY S16 conversion,
>is there even room to re-center the optical path ?
>I don't get it. Are you shooting S16 for the aspect ratio alone ? Or
>what ? I mean you could "blow it down" and pillarbox reg 16 (or just
>matte the image for your installation I guess...) but an optical
>creates its own issues and expense.
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