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From: marco poloni (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Feb 02 2009 - 14:05:25 PST

Totally agree. Two issues though. One is, maybe due to my limited knowledge: I don't know of a portable double-band S-16 projector. The objects I remember are rather bulky. I'm looking for a portable solution. Two, I want to keep the possibility of looping the film for continuous projection in gallery-type spaces.
Anyway things are pretty undecided right now so I am keeping your suggestion in mind.
Thanks a lot!

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>This is an obvious, old-tec solution:
>Transfer your sound to 16mm magnetic and use a double-band projector.
>I realise this may not be what you want and there may be difficulties
>in getting hold of the mag transfer services or gear, but it will work!
>Nicky Hamlyn.
>On 2 Feb 2009, at 16:25, marco poloni wrote:
>> Dear Frameworkers,
>> I am embarking on a technical endeavour which consists of
>> attempting to sync super-16mm film with sound at the projection
>> stage. As you well know S-16mm is a camera film. It has no space
>> for an optical track between the image frames and the sprocket
>> holes. I contacted Martin Sawyer in London, who did a good amount
>> of research in adding a very fine optical track. He got good
>> results, but said it was very difficult to find labs that would
>> process this footage. If I am not mistaken, he abandoned this.
>> I'd like to attempt exploring another route. The idea is first to
>> modify an existing 16m projector by widening the gate's aperture to
>> the “W”type gate of S-16mm. That's the not-too-difficult part.
>> Second, I would have to find someone to crystal-sync the motor via
>> an external "master" device that will also pilot the sound of a CD,
>> MP3 or solid state player to ensure perfect sync.
>> I have done quite some research and have some very technical
>> questions. I am writing in the hope that someone might provide
>> feedback.
>> 1. It seems that syncing DC motors is fairly easy, whereas syncing
>> AC motors would be difficult and costly. A friend recommends using
>> a Bauer P8 projector which uses a DC motor. I am a big fan of
>> Eiki's and am not ready to swap brands. I was wondering if anyone
>> knows whether their drive motors are AC or DC?
>> 2. More specifically, should this be feasible with an Eiki, does
>> anyone have a scanned service manual for an Eiki EX-300SL (or
>> EX-2000)with the electric circuitry? (350W xenon lamp)
>> 3. I have been looking for an Eiki EX-300SL through the usual
>> channels (ebay, ...). It is very difficult to find... Much harder
>> than the more common SSL's. Does anyone know of a place that could
>> have a couple for sale?
>> Thanks a lot beforehand for your input!
>> Best,
>> Marco
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For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.