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I would say they are well received by critics who cover film festivals, but


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> "Are such works, and the ideas behind such works, becoming less and less
> accessible to those weaned on Facebook and texting and Twitter?"
> I don't think so.† Looking at the award winning films at the big film
> festivals in recent years, and the sheer number of column inches major critics
> such as AO Scott have been dishing out, it seems to me that
> demanding/slower/deliberate/meditative work is rather popular these days.† I
> am thinking films such as Nostalgia for the Light, Chop Shop, Silent Light,
> Let Each One Go Where He May, Meek's Cutoff, etc.†† Dare I say that "slow and
> boring" has in fact become trendy?† Or at least receiving a larger-than-usual
> amount of buzz?††
> perhaps these films are receiving a warm reception because they are in fact an
> escape from the otherwise overwhelming world of mass/corporate/social media.†
> maybe that 'noisy buzz' is actually helping things!
> -Matt

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