Re: [Frameworks] Avant-garde film, Facebook, and the nature of attention

From: matt's frameworks address <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2011 17:29:31 -0700

"Are such works, and the ideas behind such works, becoming less and less
accessible to those weaned on Facebook and texting and Twitter?"

I don't think so. Looking at the award winning films at the big film
festivals in recent years, and the sheer number of column inches major
critics such as AO Scott have been dishing out, it seems to me that
demanding/slower/deliberate/meditative work is rather popular these days. I
am thinking films such as Nostalgia for the Light, Chop Shop, Silent Light,
Let Each One Go Where He May, Meek's Cutoff, etc. Dare I say that "slow
and boring" has in fact become trendy? Or at least receiving a
larger-than-usual amount of buzz?

perhaps these films are receiving a warm reception because they are in fact
an escape from the otherwise overwhelming world of mass/corporate/social
media. maybe that 'noisy buzz' is actually helping things!




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