Re: [Frameworks] Avant-garde film, Facebook, and the nature of attention

From: Fred Camper <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2011 19:41:03 -0500

I absolutely did *not* mean to turn this into some kind of age or
generational thing. I know more than one person in their 20s who has
all the depth I'm looking for. Some of them even text and/or do
Facebook too. All I ask is that you read the posts on a Facebook page
or follow more than one Twitter feed and then compare that to the kind
of serious experiences I'm talking about. I'm sure many people can do
both. It just strikes me that Facebook, Twitter, and texting are
taking far too much of our time and attention, as we just saw on this

I've seen recent art that draws on video games and television and the
like. Some of it is awful. Some is good. None is complex. None I've
seen is great. Some "postmodern" art that you can get in a glance is
really good or great. It's also a hell of a lot unlike Paul CÚzanne.

I would question whether the films on the list Matt just posted have
much in common with the films I listed. For one thing, none of mine
are "slow," and none are, in my opinion, "boring" either. They also do
not have paid actors walking around and reciting lines from a script
in lip sync.

Fred Camper

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