Re: [Frameworks] Please stop responding WITH the attachment. It's overloading my computer.

From: Amanda Christie <>
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2011 23:12:30 -0300

ha haa! and now that one makes me laugh!.... cari makes k.a.r.
laugh, then tom makes me laugh... chain reaction humour on the list...
we don't all laugh at once... just one after the other after the
other.... (i am now imagining the laughter circling the globe like a
crowd doing "the wave" rather than erupting all at once... tee hee hee)
On 13-Jul-11, at 11:57 AM, Tom Whiteside wrote:

> does anyone have a sense of humor out there and the sense of the
> absurd besides k.a.r.?
> No. It is rather interesting, when you stop and think about it, but
> she is the only one.

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