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Date: Sun, 17 Jul 2011 18:06:23 -0700

"What? Do you think the quality of most youtube videos is at all
comparable to the quality of the Brakhage DVD?"

Yes, in fact YouTube and Vimeo both can offer superior images than those of
standard resolution DVD. Of course the format and compression of the
original content is a key factor, but YouTube and Vimeo both offer HD
(approximately 3 times the resolution of standard DVDs) and recent
compression codecs have long since surpassed the quality of standard DVD
compression. Quality HD content, properly compressed and uploaded to
YouTube offers significantly higher quality than standard resolution DVDs.
If the original uncompressed video-transfers of the Brakhage films were
compressed with the latest codecs and uploaded to Vimeo it may very well
look better than the DVDs. Standard res DVD compression always had a lot
of flaws and for the most part has been left in the dust.

This creates a new conundrum for the distribution of work. Asking a
curator to look at a password protected video on Vimeo still feels weird,
but sans BluRay disks it's the best way to circulate work mastered in HD.
Figuring out how to monetize the distribution of that work is even more


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