Re: [Frameworks] Please stop responding WITH the attachment. It's overloading my computer.

From: k. a.r. <>
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2011 02:21:51 -0700


"....It seems my contribution to the list has provoked some anger and discussion....... Most of the mail I've receive the past few months through this list has been boring discussions on facebook and e-mail attachments. Julian"

Welcome to Frameworks.

What is boring to one, is obviously not to all, as people keep posting.

And also remember, you only have to read the messages that interest you.

Seriously, I doubt anyone reads ALL the posts.

I currently have 914 unread messages in my Frameworks folder, and I am not going to read them all.
We should be grateful to each other that we keep this list going, and keep it so active.
I know I am.
I've been on FW for a long time, 10+ years, and you just can't read all the posts, and there have been many,
much longer, more difficult threads on this list. The FB and email ones have actually been rather short and easy to read.
Just an F.Y.I.


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