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To continue on Chris Langdon:

She also made the trailers for her films as a way of playing with the form of movie (as opposed to arty) cinema, being an utterly earnest lover of classic Hollywood, exploitation films, the movie-going experience in general, and other deep movie culture stuff. She liked injecting some of this flavor into this otherwise very art-oriented film context she found herself in.

The trailers usually employ the language of classic trailers, with hyperbolic narration and title wipes. To me they're very much short works on their own, and are incredibly entertaining and funny. She made trailers for the following films (all 1973-74):

999 BOY (formerly Express Implication)
The Gypsy Cried
Two Faces Have I
Bondage Boy
Bondage Girl (formerly Immaculate Gate)
Thin Premises
Venusville (with Fred Worden)
Intermittent Transposition

and possibly others which are lost. The Intermittent Transposition trailer is partly lost, so I've never seen it. The others are fantastic, and her films are wonderful. I've been able to restore six of the above trailers, but all of them are showable except for Intermittent Transposition.

To give you an idea of how off-hand (and, I think, brilliant) these trailers are: her film The Gypsy Cried is a single shot, sync-sound take of a record player playing a 45 of The Gypsy Cried by Lou Christie. And there's a 20-second trailer for it.

Hope this helps,

Mark Toscano

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> Do people know of any examples of experimental trailers, ie
> trailers
> for experimental films. Trailers are typically a marketing
> tool used
> to help pre-sell commercial features, I know but they are a
> 'form'
> nevertheless and I wondered if anyone had explored them on
> this basis?
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