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Robert Nelson and William Wiley made a trailer for The Great Blondino, called The Great Blondino Preview. It's about 2.5 minutes and features a few bits and pieces from the film, plus an extended sequence introducing the cast and crew who all appear on screen wearing the Blondino outfit. I think it hasn't been seen since 1967 or so, for the most part. I was able to restore it a couple of years ago, but it hasn't really shown anywhere.

Ben Van Meter made a trailer for Marijuana Hell, which was a feature film project he was doing with The Congress of Wonders group. But only one or two sequences ever got done, so the trailer and a film called Interrogation (From Psyche Patrol) are the only things that got released. This would've been about 1968-69.

In about 1975, Chris Langdon took an aborted film project called Love Hospital and edited the little film that had been shot into a standalone trailer for a film that never got made. The resulting piece is called Love Hospital Trailer.

But for me, most significantly, Chris Langdon also made about 8-10 trailers for her experimental shorts, all between 1973-74. She was at that time in school at Cal Arts, producing some of the most incredible and hilarious short experimental works, and was fairly prodigious in her output. Because she made so much stuff, she hit upon the idea of making trailers for the films, as a way of showing more to her advisory committee at school.

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> Do people know of any examples of experimental trailers, ie
> trailers
> for experimental films. Trailers are typically a marketing
> tool used
> to help pre-sell commercial features, I know but they are a
> 'form'
> nevertheless and I wondered if anyone had explored them on
> this basis?
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