Stan Brakhage Copyrights _Experimental sound-art

From: Peiman Khosravi (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Oct 17 2009 - 06:21:52 PDT

Dear All,

This is my first post here so apologies if this is not the place for it.

I am a PhD student at City University London, focusing my research and
practice in studio based Electroacoustic music composition. At the
moment I am exploring audio/visual relationships as part of my
research/creative interest in transmodality (multi sensual perception)
of musical experience, particularly with regard to the creation of
musical space. As a result I am interested in creating an acoustic
counterpart to part II of Brakhage's "Dog Star Man". Once completed
this will be part of my composition portfolio, and discussed in my
thesis. It may also be played in presentations/concerts.

This will not be a conventional soundtrack, nor does it intend to be
in anyway representative of -or remain true to- Brakhage's original
work, which I understand and agree that should be watched in silence.
The project will be my attempt to create a new work born out of a
network of audio/visual relationships. Naturally this will reinterpret
the original film, acoustically magnifying certain visual aspects that
are formally dominant in my experience of the work.

As it happens I have come to realize that Brakhage is one of the most
"musical" filmmakers and working with his films would be like re-
interpreting a piece of Bach: the work already contains and represents
a very pure form of musical thinking. For this reason it will no doubt
be a challenge and may prove impossible for me to complete, or arouse
other's criticism. However, I cannot avoid a challenge when I see one!

In short I am writing here with two questions:

1- Could someone please clarify for me the issue of copyrights with
Brakhage's works and point me to the right direction for getting
permissions for this project.

2- Any ideas and suggestions are more than welcomed... as I am not a
filmmaker your ideas will for sure be very helpful to me.

Many thanks in advance.


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