Re: Stan Brakhage Copyrights _Experimental sound-art

From: Bill Seery (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Oct 20 2009 - 00:19:49 PDT

First seeing Kosravis' posting, all i could think of was a lamb
wandering into the lion's den. Clearly someone who hasn't followed
Frameworks very long.

I'm no fan of Phd candidates or academic artspeak, but frankly, if it
makes them happy, who cares what he/she does or thinks. Is Brakhage
sacrosanct? (oh forgot, this is Frameworks)

I somehow doubt Kosravis' effort will result in anything substantial
or significant . Seems like an exercise in futility that is hardly
worth the time (including mine) to get worked up about. An over
thought contribution to the trend of adding music to silent films.
Saw Dreyer's Passion not too long ago and first thing I did was turn
Einhorn's music off. There's always that option.

Didn't expect tOny to be the first on the attack (thought it would
come from one of the Brakhage Boswells) but I can understand since he
has his feet firmly planted on both the visual and sound /music sides
and really cares about both. I'm empathetic but my annoyances came
more from visual artists who had no sense of audio or music being
commissioned to create sound works (it's only sound, it must be
easy), then ending up dropping it in someone else's lap to "make it
art". I've since gotten over it, for the most part.

Bill Seery

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