Re: Stan Brakhage Copyrights _Experimental sound-art

From: Tony Conrad (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Oct 20 2009 - 09:32:46 PDT

Hi Marilyn------

I am happy to be rude, where it comes to what I discern as blustering conservatism (including "experts") in cultural circles.

If "rude" is a problem for you, stay clear of Brakhage! I remember when he said..........


On Tue 10/20/09 7:58 AM , marilyn brakhage email suppressed sent:
> It is unfortunate that you received such a rude response to your
> enquiry. But whatever else he may be and whatever fame he may have
> (and of course he's entitled to his opinions), I am not aware of Tony
> Conrad as being "an expert" on Brakhage.
> I neglected to mention earlier that you might want to check out the
> Brakhage section on Fred Camper's website (
> ) -- a great resource that will link you to a lot of good information.
> Marilyn
> On 20-Oct-09, at 4:18 AM, Peiman Khosravi wrote:
> > If you feel that my approach is misinformed or
> misguided then as an > expert it is your responsibility/duty to inform
> me, guide me or at > the very worst let me learn it the hard
> way...>
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