Re: Stan Brakhage Copyrights _Experimental sound-art

From: Flick Harrison (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Oct 20 2009 - 09:57:33 PDT

For what it's worth, and whatever debate ensues, that's an awesome
post, T0ny. Thanks for that!

I'm not necessarily interested in knee-jerk "balance" (as in, Fox
News). Some folks see this list as a place to chew the fat on various
tangents, others see it as a place where they have to uphold their
academic credentials, like they're speaking at a conference (or
chatting in the foyers of one).

In this case, I'm more impressed to see you take apart the idea piece
by piece, like a thinker, rather than your first post, which sounded
more like a schoolmarm shouting at the kids to stop speaking ukrainian
or you'd beat them with the stick.

I'm also happy to see people parry and thrust across disciplines like
this, because it's de-universalizing... slam away, kids!



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