RULES was Re: FramWorks, Obama, Satantango, politics, etc.

From: Jack Sargeant (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Sep 08 2008 - 04:07:39 PDT

If we are going to follow rules (absurd) then surely "subversive" would
cover at least some political statements.

But surely 'rules' 'from above' are antithetical to experimental film.


> There are supposed to be rules about this list -
> Frameworks is "an international forum on experimental film, avant-garde
> film, film as art, film as film, or film as visual poetry; film's
> expressive qualities, aside from or in addition to its storytelling
> capacity. Any genre of experimental film, such as film diary, found
> footage, abstract, flicker, lyric, subversive, expanded, etc., can be
> discussed, as well as those films which fall into the cracks between the
> genres, or those not covered by other lists.

For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.