From: Fred Davidson (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Sep 05 2008 - 05:33:33 PDT

Dear Jeffrey Paull,
      On behalf of Pip Chodorov our moderator and the official
welcoming committee, which should be arriving here to welcome you
officially any minute now, I welcome you to the list. Make yourself to
home. Now that we are all on it, all of us want to get off of this
list, but none of us know just how. That is all of us with the
possible exception of our Alan Berliner. Alan Berliner hasn't made a
post to this list in over three years, in over online archived
recorded time, if indeed he ever has. As for the rest of us, some of
us think a way out is by watching all 450 minutes of Satantango
straight through from the beginning to the end. There is a lot of hope
for that now, especially now that Satantango has been made available
for rental from Netflix. But maybe you can help find us another way
out. Here is to hoping and here is to you. I've got to run. I've got a
nine o'clock. See you.

Fred Davidson
Boca Raton

On Sep 5, 2008, at 6:28 AM, JEFFREY PAULL wrote:

> Greetings -
> I just signed up for Frameworks discussion List.
> Wow! It's about 6am, I just finished brushing my teeth, and open my
> email and here's this whirlwind of serial discussion blurts.
> Many of them seem as abstracted from the ideas they represent as the
> sound bites said by the so-called grown-ups in American politics.
> When I and my sister were little kids, and we got into a "discussion",
> they would, at times, turn into nothing more than, "I ALWAYS, and
> you NEVER . . . . . . ." (or "I NEVER, and you
> ALWAYS . . . . . .")
> Not helpful.
> I think there are important ideas beyond the scope of some one-
> liners Being posted.
> Please take the time to really explain your point of view.
> Your text on the monitor screen is so very very abstracted from the
> person who wrote it,
> you need to open up a bit so your individual presence comes through.
> We need to cut each other some slack, I believe.
> JP in Toronto

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