What a welcoming!

From: JEFFREY PAULL (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Sep 05 2008 - 03:28:36 PDT

Greetings -
I just signed up for Frameworks discussion List.
Wow! It's about 6am, I just finished brushing my teeth, and open my email and here's this whirlwind of serial discussion blurts.
Many of them seem as abstracted from the ideas they represent as the sound bites said by the so-called grown-ups in American politics.

When I and my sister were little kids, and we got into a "discussion",
they would, at times, turn into nothing more than, "I ALWAYS, and you NEVER . . . . . . ." (or "I NEVER, and you ALWAYS . . . . . .")
Not helpful.
I think there are important ideas beyond the scope of some one-liners Being posted.
Please take the time to really explain your point of view.
Your text on the monitor screen is so very very abstracted from the person who wrote it,
you need to open up a bit so your individual presence comes through.
We need to cut each other some slack, I believe.

                                                     JP in Toronto

On Fri 05/09/08 00:44 , Flores-Gutiérrez, Beatriz email suppressed sent:
> RE: My messages don't make it to the list!
> It is interesting how there appear to be cultural "gatekeepers", as
> if experimental film discussions needed to exclusively need to deal
> with the materiality of film and not contemporary issues that inform
> filmmakers or a border between contemporary socio-political context
> and the film apparatus.
> On the other hand, it's interesting how you can "be sad" about
> someone else's comments/input, and then feel others are "mean to you",
> as if your previous response was "loving" at all.
> It isn't like one stops being a filmmaker if you commented on
> current politics. Sure we can all continue to ask for filmmakers and
> their fabulous films, the whereabouts of so and so, and all the
> technology ever available to us, it is wonderful.
> Jai Uttal, sent the same e-mail to a massive list (with the
> difference that he is famous) and we all love him; by the way, let me
> get us back to filmmaking. The repetitions in Kirtan I realized the
> other night, had the same effect on me than flicker films, or certain
> kind of music that eventually, if you tune into it at all, can put you
> in a trance or ecstatic state. A friend of mine (a scientist) said
> you could do the same thing if you repeated anything at all, the name
> of kitchen appliances for example. I'm sure this is not news to many.
> Love,
> Beatriz
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> Subject: Re: My messages don't make it to the list!
> (sorry about the multi posts, I'm in Mexico and my internet
> connection is weird.)
> I just want to say:
> I think all of you writing the nasty comments to me are just being
> mean, and looking for a fight.
> Well, you're not gonna get that from me, I'm a lover not a fighter
> :)
> Saying I am sick of obama is not a political comment, its more of a
> comment about
> the overload of attention, my point proven by the fact that there is
> a post promoting him on this FILM DISCUSSION LIST.
> What I said in the first post is the truth. This is a film
> discussion list.
> Putting a post on just to forward a link for political propaganda is
> not relevant to this list.
> That's the only thing I was trying to say.
> You people have made me really sad, the nasty personal attacks are
> 100% uncalled for.
> Let's just drop this, because I really don't appreciate the
> negativity that is being directed at me.
> And personal attacks are also NOT what this list is for, ya big
> bunch of meanies.....
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