Re: networked media boxes?

From: Pablo de Ocampo (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jun 12 2008 - 09:48:57 PDT


Do you need the players to be running in sync? You don't say that
explicitly, but you do say networked, so my hunch is yes on that?

In that case an AppleTV might be hard as you would likely need to build some
kind of MAX/MSP patch to sync the multiple boxes via ethernet and the
AppleTV itself wouldn't be able to run that program, so a solution like a
mac mini would be better unless you are up for hacking the AppleTv to run OS

I asked a similar question last year on this thread:

If you get any off-list replies with information would you mind reposting or
sending it to me personally? I never got far with my research on this last
year and am still looking for interesting solutions.



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> Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 06:55:03 -0700
> From: Rebecca Baron <email suppressed>
> Subject: networked media boxes?
> Does anyone have any experience using standalone media players for video
> installation?
> It would need to be able to loop high quality PAL video without showing any
> interface.
> --other requirements--
> silent (ie fanless) system
> needs to loop unattended for hours at a stretch
> remote controllable
> 120/240v power source
> HDMI/DVI or Component video out
> enough space to store 30 minutes of 720x576 25fps (PAL) video
> or better: HD (PAL hdtv is 1920x1080)
> --here are the contenders--
> Popcorn Hour networked media tank
> AppleTV (does it do PAL?)
> Iomega Screen Play
> MediaGate entertainment server
> Xbox hacks, ie: Xbox media center
> custom fanless system running Linux-based media system (eg: geexbox)
> Thank you!
> Rebecca

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