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From: Flick Harrison (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jun 12 2008 - 10:22:20 PDT

Interesting new copyright law was tabled in Canada today. The
comments forum on this article is like a mirror of this discussion,
but at a consumer - popular level.


On 12-Jun-08, at 7:47 AM, Jorge Amaro wrote:

> I believe that the hall of shame was removed. In an ideal world, we
> wouldnt have to go to New York, San Francisco, London and maybe Paris
> to watch such films, that are lots off working class people interested
> in them aswell and as much as I believe that artists have rights over
> the film, they do films for the people, and in most cases of the
> mountain doesnt come to maomeh, maomeh goes to the mountain. And
> unfortunately there isnt much they can do.
> As for Ken Jacobs, I was extremmely surprised when I noticed that my
> dvd set of Star Spangled to Death (which with customs tax was
> incredibly expensive, almost 110 euros) didnt have a single mention to
> copyright anywhere. Just screening instructions which i followed
> faithfully. I dont care about Peter Kubelka and never seen any Dorsky
> (unfortunately) so I really dont know.
> I believe that what he means is not the artist losing that kind of
> control over the work, that kind of control is what copyright should
> stand for, and that is not property.
> You can have a son and beat him up, for him to be like you want him to
> be, force him, because he is your son, but sooner or later he will go
> away and there is nothing you can do about it, but he is still and
> always be your son.
> 2008/6/12 James Cole <email suppressed>:
>>> But obviously, in an ideal world, there'd be no property rights
>> Is this really obvious?
>> Artists spend a lot of time, effort, and (gasp!) money so that their
>> work looks a certain way. Some artists (for example, Ken Jacobs,
>> Robert Beavers, Nathanial Dorsky, and Peter Kubelka, just to name a
>> few) have specific projection instructions or venue requirements. In
>> an ideal world, they would have total control over how thier work is
>> shown, and they wouldn't end up in a "hall of shame" for not wanting
>> bad copies of their work to be shown for free on the internet.
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