CPU-based video sources for installation?

From: Pablo de Ocampo (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Dec 06 2007 - 11:36:50 PST

Hello all,

I'm trying to find some information and resources on computer or hard drive
based sources for multiple channel video output for gallery installation. In
the past, we primarily have worked with DVD players that can be controlled
by sync units, but more and more I've been seeing artists using PC's, mac
mini's, even apple tv's as source material for multiple screen/synced
installation projects. I've also recently been hearing about hard-disk based
units that you can just load files onto that can get custom built with as
many outputs as you need.

I can't seem to find too much information about this online, but might not
exactly know how to be looking. We're getting tired of renting professional
DVD players and sync units for exhibitions and are looking at the
cost-effectiveness of investing in some of this kind of equipment.

Basically, I am looking for some pointers on the advantages/dis-advantages
to various hardware solutions, what, if any software and external devices
are needed to coordinate this sort of thing. So, any advice via the list or
pointers to websites that might be able to explain some of this would be
super helpful.

Thanks all!


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