networked media boxes?

From: Rebecca Baron (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jun 11 2008 - 06:55:03 PDT

Does anyone have any experience using standalone media players for video installation?
It would need to be able to loop high quality PAL video without showing any interface.

--other requirements--
silent (ie fanless) system
needs to loop unattended for hours at a stretch
remote controllable
120/240v power source
HDMI/DVI or Component video out
enough space to store 30 minutes of 720x576 25fps (PAL) video
    or better: HD (PAL hdtv is 1920x1080)

--here are the contenders--
Popcorn Hour networked media tank
AppleTV (does it do PAL?)
Iomega Screen Play
MediaGate entertainment server
Xbox hacks, ie: Xbox media center
custom fanless system running Linux-based media system (eg: geexbox)

Thank you!



For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.