NOT Region 0 DVD's

From: Tom B Whiteside (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Apr 10 2008 - 08:52:36 PDT

Just an aside, one that will undoubtedly cause many to cringe and wail and
throw nasty things.......... I have noticed that the 16mm films I have
from Europe play quite well on my projector at home, even the ones from
the 1930's. What will DVD regional coding mean 70 years from now? Ten
years from now? Five?

        - Whiteside

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Re: Region 0 DVD's

The convert/switch you refer to on computers is not about PAL/NTSC - its
about region coding. The region code in the drive can only be reset a
certain number of times before it is permanently locked to one of them.
Computers don't care about PAL/NTSC - they aren't locked to a particular
interlaced display rate or resolution. As a nice bonus, they don't CONVERT
PAL to NTSC either - you just watch the actual mpeg2 stream. On the
downside, if you are trying to watch a piece of interlace-*dependent*
video art, you will see something totally different than the artist
intended (this is a problem with projection too).

If you mostly watch DVDs via a computer, a cheapo external DVD drive or
two permanently set to an alternate region code may be worthwhile if you
plan to collect international offerings.


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