Re: Athletics vs. Aesthetics

From: Christopher Harris (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Apr 08 2008 - 06:37:44 PDT


I recommend:


Directed by Sharon Lockhart
US/Japan 1998, color, 63 min.
Filmed in a secondary school in suburban Japan, Goshoagaoko at first seems to be about the exercise routines and drills of a girls' basketball team. The film consists of six ten minute takes, shot with a fixed camera at court level, in which the various cadences of chanting voices and bodily movements disgress into distinct studies. Taken together they form a subtle and multilayered social portrait, in which documentary values soon become inseparable from aesthetic ones. And as there are no games, scrimmages, or barking coaches here, just the girls and their routines, the image is not so much one of contest and gamesmanship but one of individualization within a scene of group cooperation. Shy girls, a shy camera and a strange kind of social belonging. (Film description courtesy of Rotterdam International Film Festival)


> Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2008 17:52:03 -0500
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> Subject: Athletics vs. Aesthetics
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> Hello all,
> I'm setting up a program for The Experimental Film/Video Series at Woodland Pattern Book Center here in Milwaukee and was wondering if anyone has some titles to suggest.
> This program will address the question: What does a marginalized cultural force (underground and avant garde film/video) have to say about a dominant mainstream cultural force (competitive sport)? I began to think about art and sport after hearing a story in which the director of athletics at Princeton suggested that sport be made a topic for academic study, and that to study athletics is no different than studying other performative art forms. He received, along with the journalist reporting the story, many hostile reactions.
> I am looking for short works that reference mainstream competitive sport in any way, even if they don't seem to relate to this general question.
> sincerely,
> Sarah Buccheri
> --
> Sarah Buccheri
> UW-Milwaukee Dept. of Film, Video and New Genres
> Milwaukee LGBT Film/Video Festival
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