Re: Region 0 DVD's

From: Brook Hinton (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Apr 10 2008 - 08:19:04 PDT

The convert/switch you refer to on computers is not about PAL/NTSC - its
about region coding. The region code in the drive can only be reset a
certain number of times before it is permanently locked to one of them.
Computers don't care about PAL/NTSC - they aren't locked to a particular
interlaced display rate or resolution. As a nice bonus, they don't CONVERT
PAL to NTSC either - you just watch the actual mpeg2 stream. On the
downside, if you are trying to watch a piece of interlace-*dependent* video
art, you will see something totally different than the artist intended (this
is a problem with projection too).
If you mostly watch DVDs via a computer, a cheapo external DVD drive or two
permanently set to an alternate region code may be worthwhile if you plan to
collect international offerings.


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