Printing technique in Piece Touchee (Martin Arnold)

From: John Powers (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Aug 26 2006 - 15:05:45 PDT

Hi. I have a technical question that I should know
the answer to but for some reason can't quite recall
right now. For those who have seen Martin Arnold's
Piece Touchee: in the literature on this film, most
commentators talk about the optical printing,
frame-by-frame edits, and backwards-forwards motion.
However, I have yet to see mentioned a prominent
technique Arnold employs frequently. It's where an
original frame of the film alternates with its
(reverse-printed? mirror image? backward-printed?
(okay, I know that's not right)) opposite: the husband
appears on one side of the chair, swooping down to
kiss her, then the image is reversed; the husband is
now on the right hand side of the frame, the door has
moved to the right, etc. What is that called?
Reverse printing?

Thanks for the help,
John Powers

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