Re: [Frameworks] film sent by couriers and travelling - does security scans/ xrays affect?

From: Steven Gladstone <>
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2011 19:33:11 -0500

On 11/23/11 10:31 AM, Deborah Bower wrote:
> Also if we transport extra film via the plane luggage how do you think
> this will be ? I've done it tonnes of time with super 8 of course and it
> didn't have any effect on the film that I could see.

I'm not sure about what happens if it is shipped by a shipping company,
I've been told there are companies that won't x-ray items - especially
if it is shipped on a cargo/non passenger plane.

If traveling with you - DO NOT EVER check film anymore, only hand carry.
Within the U.S you can insist on a hand inspection, and the security
must supply you with a room (I always bring a changing bag.) Unless the
rules have changed.

The Checked baggage x-ray machines are very very powerful and no film is
safe. However I ran some still film through the carry on x-ray many
times and had no issues, but this was a few years ago.

Don't believe anyone from the TSA, they are goons. I actually had one
tell me that walking with film through the metal detector had destroyed
my film.

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