[Frameworks] film sent by couriers and travelling - does security scans/ xrays affect?

From: Deborah Bower <heydebora_at_googlemail.com>
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2011 15:31:21 +0000

Dear Frameworkers,

In january myself, Mat & Harriet from star and shadow cinema in Newcastle
are going to Christiania in Copenhagen for a month.

We are shooting 16mm neg colour film but for some boring reasons are only
able to buy it once we are out there.

We are looking to do the complete 16 deal with fuji

but we would have to buy it from the uk and get it shipped. Fuji have said
they'll ship it and its a decent price but when I asked whether the film
would be xrayed or not they said they it may well be and that it may effect
the film. The person who I spoke to also said that the effect also depended
on which way the film was up etc when it went through any scanner!

Mat reckons its won't effect the film. And I guess the amount of film that
flows through ebay this must be the case! Do any of you have any advice re
this? Or links to good articles?

Also any advice on labs etc in Copenhagen - though I expect it will be a
much more expensive option to buy / process from there.

Also if we transport extra film via the plane luggage how do you think this
will be ? I've done it tonnes of time with super 8 of course and it didn't
have any effect on the film that I could see.



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