Re: [Frameworks] Facebook

From: Flick Harrison <>
Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2011 13:42:08 -0700

Facebook as a supplement maybe, but as a replacement - no way.

I try to donate as little time as possible to supporting Rupert Murdoch's personal-data surveillance network.

Listservs are good for thoughtful discussion. Facebook is good for wasting time. For one thing, the textual discussion gets amped up with pictures, links and advertisements (for the silly people who haven't installed adblock).

I certainly hate when discussion lists start popping up with "sent from my iphone" etc. It almost alway signals a drop to one-line zingers and half-considered remarks.

Also, the context of colour scheme etc turns the frameworks experimental film discussion list into the facebook experimental film discussion list. The archive belongs to facebook and they can close / migrate / moderate the list with or without notice.

And look, Bob posted a pic of a schnauzer puppy!

What were we talking about again?

On 2011-06-12, at 03:39 , jaime cleeland wrote:
> Totally agree. Would be easier to digest the threads.
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> Is Frameworks on Facebook? I think we should be.
> Matt
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