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From: David Tetzlaff <>
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2011 00:01:51 -0400

On Thu, Aug 25, 2011 at 9:31 PM, Beth Capper <> wrote:

> Chill, ladies? LOL, for real?

"I just did it for the Lulz!"

Yeah, for real.

What term would you have preferred? "Chill, peeps!"?

Honestly, I didn't think 'ladies' was offensive, as I think of the pairing
'ladies and gentlemen' and I don't think of 'gentlemen' as disrespectful.
Perhaps it comes off a bit sarcastic, using a more formal term in an
informal setting, but again I was just tapping out a quick reply and not
laboring over my words. I am, of course, totally aware of the fact that I
have written Frameworks posts that caused other members of the list to tell
me to chill, so I am not presenting myself as any sort of authority or
master-of-the-chill or anything. I just think the responses to Yalkut were

Seriously, if anybody has (non-facetious and non-snarky) suggestions for
better terminology to apply, let me know. If its a problem, I'd appreciate
help finding a solution.

Nevertheless, my reaction to the students who stay away from the list
because it's a 'boys club' is to call 'bullshit.' Get some confidence in
yourself as a person and speak your piece because no one is going to do it
for you. Frameworks is what its members make it, and I for one would welcome
discussions of women in experimental film, or gender issues in experimental
work, or any such stuff. Let's chat about (the fabulous) Laura Mulvey:
'Riddles of the Sphinx' and 'AMY!' How do you think Maya Deren or Carolee
Schneeman or Abigail Child (just to name 3 of a much longer list) would
react to that 'boys club' line? I'm thinking they'd say, 'That's right. It
is a boys club, which is why YOU have to break down the door."

Or simply direct them to the current exchange between Fred Camper and Anna
Biller. I might disagree with Anna, but this is supposed to be a
_discussion_ list, and she does not shy away from dialog and argument,,
taking time to write out serious posts, standing her ground and deferring to
no one. She's the Buffy of Frameworks ;-) ! I mean, if your response to
loud-talking guys is to shy away into the corner, you're just doing
patriarchy's job, having absorbed the disciplinary episteme or whatever
Foucault would say (I'd reference Irigaray if I understood anything she's
said, which I don't...) Okay, Kathleen Hanna I do understand, so show those
kids some Sadie Benning pieces and Le Tigre videos and bade them kick some

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